How Can You Get Cheap Flights?

Getting cheap flights can seem complicated and understanding how airlines price tickets is complex. Airlines price tickets based on seat demand, how long the flight is, how many seats are available, competition for that route, and the cost of fuel. These prices are then divided between economy and business tickets.

For individuals, airlines have rules for ticket pricing. If you are shopping online, a computer will keep track of the rules you meet and the ones you don't. The information is put into a formula, and if the airline feels you will pay more based on your answers, you are given higher priced tickets. These" rules" include blackout periods, days you are flying, times you are flying, purchase date, advanced purchase dates, and your window of travel.

In order to get your flights cheap, it is important to know when to book them. Wednesday is the cheapest day for flying, and Tuesday and Saturday are close seconds. Monday, Friday, and Sunday are more expensive because there is more airport traffic during those days. Flight time is also important, with the least appealing flights being cheapest. These times include overnight flights or the first flight of the day.

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